Fabiani opposes tories’ “Anti-worker” legislation, stands up for trade unions’ rights

Linda Fabiani MSPLinda Fabiani MSP has voted to oppose the UK Government’s ‘anti-worker’ Trade Union Bill – and during the debate in the Scottish Parliament highlighted Labour’s failure to back the devolution of power over industrial relations to Scotland.

A motion condemning the Trade Union Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament with support from Labour MSPs. That was despite the fact that Labour MPs at Westminster voted against an SNP amendment to the Scotland Bill to devolve responsibility for industrial relations and workers’ rights to Scotland.

The Scottish Government has already asked the UK Government to exclude Scotland from the Trade Union Bill in its entirety – and that if they are unwilling to do so, then the consent of the Scottish Parliament should be sought . This legislation should not be imposed on Scotland. The Scottish Government believes in supporting the work of our unions, rather than attacking them.

Commenting, Linda said:

“The STUC called for the devolution of employment law, health and safety, trade union law and the minimum wage. The SNP proposed plans to devolve powers over industrial relations which would have allowed the Scottish Parliament to take a new and better approach. It was unfortunate that the Scottish National Party were not supported in those demands during the Smith Commission negotiations.

“Whilst I welcome the fact Labour MSPs joined with the SNP in opposing this outrageous attack on Scottish workers, their colleagues in Westminster voted to deny devolving the Scottish Parliament the very powers to stop the Trade Union Bill in its tracks. Scots can make their judgement on Labour’s behaviour.

“As the Tories’ attack on HMRC just this week has shown, and as PCS Union highlighted recently in the East Kilbride News, workers need strong trade union rights, now more than for a long time.

“Trade Unions play a positive and constructive role in our local economy and our society and Trade Unionists and workers across East Kilbride can be assured that I will continue to do everything I can to fight this anti-worker legislation every step of the way.”


Linda’s contribution to the debate can be found here:


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