Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has encouraged local residents to take the opportunity to get involved with their local Community Council to help shape and strengthen the communities they live in.

Linda said “Community Councils are democratic, statutory bodies of elected volunteers representing the views and needs of communities to local councils and other public agencies working in their area.

“They give residents the chance to voice their opinions and concerns.  Many do much more, including managing local projects, assets and services. 

“Working with local councillors, police officers and teachers to deliver the best for their community, Community Councils provide a strong voice for East Kilbride society.

“Strong communities help to make our town great and I would encourage interested residents to get involved and help shape their community for the better.”


Westwood Community Council: Red Deer Centre, Fourth Thursday of the Month, 7.30pm

St Leonards Community Council: Blacklaw Community Hall, Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 7.30pm

Murray Community Council: Murray Owen Centre, Second Thursday of the Month, 7.30pm

East Mains Community Council: Arts Centre, Second Monday of the Month, 7.30pm

Calderwood Community Council: Calderwood Community Hall, First Wednesday of the Month, 7.30pm

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