Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride is encouraging groups in East Kilbride to apply to the £10.3m Climate Change Fund (CCF) which supports community-led action to reduce emissions along with a Junior CCF for under 18s.

Linda said “Now is the time for East Kilbride groups to get their applications in!

“Previous recipients of the CCF have been the East Kilbride Development Trust who received £60,000 for their seed exchange and organic vegetable growing project.

“The Junior CCF is an exciting addition to this overall project and I look forward to seeing the innovative ideas put forward by East Kilbride children to reduce our carbon footprint. The ambition of Junior CCF is clear – to provide the means for the next generation to make a real difference on an issue we know they are passionate about.

“Since 2008, 345 individual communities across Scotland have received awards through CCF and their contribution in tackling climate change is greatly acknowledged.

“The Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy and Spending Review makes strong references to the importance of grass roots action in moving towards a truly low carbon economy.

“The CCF has enabled projects to involve the community in a spectrum of activities ranging from active transportation such as healthy walks and cycling, energy awareness, community gardening, home grown food production and preparation, and the everyday actions we can all take to tackle climate change. In turn the projects contribute to the development of a sense of community ownership and cohesion.

“I would strongly encourage East Kilbride groups to get involved and take advantage of the funding on offer.”

For more information on the CCF, please visit: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Environment/climatechange/howyoucanhelp/communities/ClimateChallengeFund



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