Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has expressed her disgust at the UK Government for pressing forward with Trident renewal, committing to £350m to the weapons of mass destruction project while ignoring the repeated requests of the Scottish Government for £300m in accelerated capital spending for a programme of investment in 30 shovel-ready projects across Scotland.

Linda said:

“With every £100m of capital investment in ‘shovel-ready projects’, such as those planned for the upgrade of the Raith Interchange, there is an estimated 1400 jobs – that’s what the people of Scotland need.

“To make matters worse, whilst committing to this multi-billion pound monstrosity, the UK Government is creating real uncertainty for Scotland’s defence communities after refusing to rule-out cuts to our historic units.

“The MoD have confirmed, less than 3 per cent of regular army units are now stationed in Scotland – that is just 4 of 148 major regular army units.  For over a decade Scotland has been short changed, losing more than 11,000 defence jobs and enduring a £5.6billion underspend.
“With the UK back in recession Westminster should be investing this money in ‘shovel-ready projects’ and protecting defence communities to boost jobs and growth, instead of blowing it on weapons of mass destruction.

“Scotland doesn’t want nuclear weapons – the Scottish Parliament, a majority of MPs, civic Scotland and the Scottish public have made their opposition plain time and again.
“Whatever way you look at it, Trident is morally, economically and politically untenable – that is why the SNP will continue to fight to have it scrapped altogether.”

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