Fabiani calls on EK residents to help protect foxes

Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has spoken today about the increasing number of concerns she has received regarding urban foxes in East Kilbride.

Linda said “I have been receiving a number of constituency cases regarding concerns people have at the perceived number of foxes in East Kilbride. Foxes are an important part of our ecosystem as they keep other vermin such as mice and voles at bay.

“Foxes are naturally scared of human but due to the increasing number of people feeding them, they are losing this natural instinct to the extent that some are approaching people looking for food rather than running away as their instinct should guide them.

“Foxes should pose no harm to people and will only stay in an area if someone is feeding them. Too often people think they are being kind by feeding scraps to foxes whereas they are actually harming them by encouraging them to lose their natural fear of humans leading to pest control companies destroying foxes which are concerning residents with their unnatural behaviour.

“If you want to help foxes in your area the best thing to do is donate to charities such as Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust in Beith. They can offer advice to people who have issues with impertinent foxes such as products you can buy to discourage them from using your property and can relocate foxes who are causing problems for local residents.

“They are a charity so rely on kind donations. Therefore I would encourage anyone who cares about the welfare of foxes in East Kilbride to support charities such as Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust rather than feed foxes as your actions may lead to more foxes losing their natural instincts and meeting a nasty end!”

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