Fabiani calls for action on anti-social behaviour

East Kilbride’s MSP, Linda Fabiani, has called for action on anti-social behaviour by tenants of private landlords.  She raised the issue with a Scottish Government Minister in Parliament and now wants South Lanarkshire Council to take action to tackle this behaviour and to make people aware of what can be done.

Speaking from her new constituency office in East Kilbride, Linda said:

“Far too often it’s the victims of anti-social behaviour who are forced out of their homes rather than the perpetrators being evicted and far too often the excuse is that they are not council tenants so nothing can be done.

“What was made clear by my question in Parliament is that councils actually do have the power to act to tackle anti-social behaviour even when the perpetrators are not council tenants.

“The council can apply to the sheriff court for an order against the landlord over behaviour at the landlord’s premises whether it is the tenant involved or visitors to the property or both.

“Not only should the council be making sure that they are using these powers for the benefit of everyone, they should be making sure that everyone is aware that they have these powers so that they can be implemented whenever that would help.

“If South Lanarkshire Council needs to speak to Scottish Government Ministers or officials to clarify any of this or to ask for more powers to act then I’m sure that the Ministers would be more than happy to help, and I’ll help facilitate that meeting if the council wants to take me up on that offer.

“It’s clear that the ball is in the council’s court on this issue and I stand ready to help them play that ball.”

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