Fabiani blasts tory tuition fee policy as english students pay highest fees in the world


Linda 1A new report showing that university students in England are paying the highest tuition fees in the world has shown the failures of the Tory tuition fees policy, Linda Fabiani MSP has said.

According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the £9,000 tuition fee means that on average, students in England are paying even more than students in the United States.

The Tory increase in tuition fees has also had an impact on Scotland’s budget – with a reduction in teaching grant spend in England of £3bn since 2011/12 reducing the Scottish block grant by almost £300 million.

Commenting, Linda said:

“We now know that students in England aren’t just being burdened with tuition fees, but they are expected to pay the highest level of fees in the world, too.

“It is in stark contrast to the commitment of the SNP to Scotland’s students – that university education will always be based on the ability to learn and not the ability to pay.


“The absolute failure of Westminster’s fees agenda should serve as a stark warning to any of the opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament plotting to impose fees on students in Scotland. University education must be open to all, rather than for those who can afford to pay for it. We already know that a vote for the Tories is a vote to impose tuition fees on our students. Labour on the other hand seems unable to decide what their policy is from one day to the next.
“Only the SNP has defended free access to higher education throughout our time in government, despite opposition from the other parties. I will always defend the right to free learning and ensure Scotland’s higher education sector continues to go from strength to strength.”

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