East Kilbride South candidate, Douglas Edwards, has welcomed the lasted poll results showing Westminster voting intentions at 45 per cent for the SNP – 16 points ahead of Labour.

Douglas said:

“These results show the momentum is with the SNP and reflects the hard work that our candidates and activists are putting in on the doorsteps – but we are not taking anything for granted.

“The results indicate to what extent the people of Scotland are turning away from the relentless negativity of the three opposition parties.

“In particular, it just shows how Labour has pitched its local government campaign wrongly – conceding failure at the first hurdle, making it clear it has run out of ideas.

“Labour are too busy obsessing with what the other parties are doing instead of saying what they would do right and presenting a positive vision for Scotland’s future.

“The Tories, Lib Dems and Labour have all failed to live up to their promise from last year’s elections to listen to voters and come back with a new prospectus.

“We will continue to work hard on the ground to deliver our positive message that an SNP Administration at South Lanarkshire Council will deliver a fairer deal for families.

“The SNP’s positive vision includes safer communities by retaining 1,000 extra police on our streets, continuing the Council Tax freeze and deliver further free and flexible nursery hours.”




Notes: 1) The combined results for the Scottish subsamples of three of the polls published today give the following result in Westminster voting intentions (with changes from 2010 election in brackets):


SNP 45% (+25.4%)

Lab 29% (-13.3%)

Con 12% (-4.4%)

LD 7% (-11.6%)

Other 6% (3.5%)


Angus Reid fieldwork: 12th – 13th April 2012; Populus fieldwork: 13th – 15th April 2012; YouGov fieldwork: 15th – 16th April 2012; Combined total sample: 420


2) Lib Dems trail UKIP in YouGov poll http://networkedblogs.com/wwsHc


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