Dugdale speech indicative of a party out of ideas

1381168_10152474081324078_2223178315899830874_nResponding to Kezia Dugdale’s speech to Labour Conference today, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“Kezia Dugdale’s speech today was yet more of the same tired, old negative lines that Labour has been using for the last eight years in Scotland – and is indicative of a party that is all out of ideas.

“This negative speech rounds off a week where Ms Dugdale has been all over the place – starting the week saying that Labour MSPs would be free to campaign for independence, and ending it by lining up behind the Tories to try and arrogantly rule out even the possibility of another referendum.

“Today we heard more of the same recycled promises about how Labour would change – the problem for Ms Dugdale is that these are the same promises we’ve heard from Wendy Alexander, Iain Gray, Johann Lamont and Jim Murphy – and people in Scotland are simply fed up hearing it.

“We know that people across Scotland – including the majority of those who voted Labour at the last Scottish Parliament election – want to see substantial economic and welfare powers transferred to Scotland, above and beyond what is currently set out in the Scotland Bill.  It’s time that Labour were on the same side of the Scottish people on this issue – rather than on the same side as the Tories.

“With uninspiring, negative, inward-looking speeches like this, it’s no wonder that Labour are, in Kezia Dugdale’s own words, ‘carping from the sidelines’ – while the SNP gets on with the job of standing up for Scotland and delivering in government.

“Of course, Labour’s woes in Scotland can’t be solved with a change of leader – their main problems are far more fundamental than that.  The fact is that people in Scotland aren’t going to be quick to forgive or forget the way Labour stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during the referendum.  And with John McDonnell pledged to back George Osborne’s fiscal plans, people across the country will be wondering whether Labour is capable of changing at all.”


Notes to editors

A brief on polling regarding more powers is here: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/4fae14f57a18ee08253ffc251/files/More_powers_250915.pdf

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