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Linda comments on re-election triumph

“It is a real honour and a privilege to be elected once again to represent East Kilbride in our Parliament in Edinburgh, and thank you EK constituency for placing trust in the Scottish National Party. I, and my staff team, will continue to work hard to serve all residents to the best of our ability.


The SNP campaign, both locally and nationally, was a positive one, and I was glad that in East Kilbride, candidates and their respective teams campaigned fairly and with mutual respect.


As I said prior to the election, there are challenging times ahead for East Kilbride, with jobs lost from the town’s manufacturing base and the policies of the UK Government being hard for many. The latest major challenge is Westminster’s plans to remove HMRC from the town. I hope that all representatives of EK will work jointly alongside the local trade union for our tax workers to “Stay in EK”. We need a co-ordinated approach.


We also need a co-ordinated approach in making the case that East Kilbride needs a more focused approach from South Lanarkshire Council. Now that the election is over, the East Kilbride Task Force has a real opportunity to move forward in a more open and transparent way. We all have a stake in making sure that all appropriate resources are being used to attract business and jobs to our town.


Over the last nine years, much has been achieved by the SNP in Government and in this coming parliamentary term we can build upon this record. From the need for affordable and social-rented homes, through the expansion in childcare, to improving health and social care in our communities, Scotland can move forward. I want East Kilbride to play a full part in this and will always put out case locally and nationally.


So, there is much to be getting on with. As we get back into action after the election, my office at 1/3 Strathmore House will fully re-open next week – Monday to Friday 10-12 and 2-4pm. Constituents can drop in at Strathmore House, call on 01355 232800, or email”

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