#AskFabiani – The SNP and coalitions


If there is no clear majority in the parliament after the election, will the SNP enter a coalition with the Tories, as suggested by David Cameron?


The SNP will not enter a coalition with the Tories after the election on May 5th.

After the damage the Tories did to Scottish communities in the 1980s and 1990s the SNP membership agreed that we could not work in coalition with them. That remains our policy.

Cameron’s intervention bears no relationship to the reality of Scottish politics. Possibly he was hoping to scare voters into staying with Labour.

If Iain Gray replaces Alex Salmond as First Minister, Scotland’s negotiating position with Westminster will be seriously weakened. Exactly what David Cameron wants.

It is hypocritical of Labour to chide the SNP over working with the Tories. The fact is that it is Labour that has a track record of making pacts with the Tories.

They did it in the Calman Commission and came up with proposals for the Scottish budget that will be deeply damaging if implemented.

They do it day in and day out in their coalition in South Lanarkshire Council and in 4 other councils across Scotland.

Last year, Scotland was persuaded to ‘Vote Labour and Stop the Tories’ and it didn’t work.

This year, Labour is trying a rerun of the same campaign.

But, this election is about who forms the next Scottish Government and defends Scotland’s interests against the UK coalition government.

Keep Alex Salmond as First Minister – vote Fabiani and SNP on May 5th.

Linda Fabiani
April 2011

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