#AskFabiani – on funding the SNP manifesto


Where will the money come from to deliver the promises in the SNP manifesto?


Despite being told it couldn’t be done, and in spite of ever effort made by the last UK Labour Government to stop us, the SNP managed to steer four budgets through the Scottish Parliament.

The situation ahead will be tough for whatever party is in power, but with a strong Scottish Government to stand up for Scotland, we will be in a better position to argue Scotland’s corner.

The SNP has published a statement on the costing of its manifesto – you can read it here.

If you were to ask George Osborne where the UK Government is getting the money to fund its programme one of the answers would be £13.4 billion out of north sea oil.  This is money that could be available to an independent Scotland to help us rebuild our economy and to invest for future generations, as has been done in Norway.

See also my earlier posting on independence, here.

Linda Fabiani
May 2011

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