#AskFabiani – on football in East Kilbride


Do you support plans for East Kilbride to get a football team and stadium and are the plans as good as they could be?


I support plans for East Kilbride to have as many football teams as possible – and teams for other sports and opportunities for people to take part in individual sports.

What I don’t support is that a small group of individuals, even acting with the best of intentions, can distort local government processes and ‘bounce’ the town into a plan of their choosing.

Unfortunately, debate over this issue have now become polarised around issues that have nothing to do with football.

For major local government initiatives, a range of options should be considered and consulted on, before one is adopted. People on the ‘losing’ side of that process might still feel upset by the outcome, but they can see how the decision was arrived at.

Over the past couple of years, those who value Calderglen Park have felt that their concerns had been dismissed before the stadium proposal even became public.

The fault for that doesn’t lie with the people who value football, but with the politicians who rode roughshod over genuine community concerns and whose motives for doing so are so questionable.

As this issue featured extensively in the media in 2010, you can read more about it here and here.

Linda Fabiani
May 2011

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