#AskFabiani – on tackling crime


Is the SNP not too soft on crime?


No, the SNP adopts policies that tackle crime – not ones that get big headlines, but then fall apart under scrutiny.

  • Since the SNP came to power, crime in Scotland has dropped by almost a fifth.
  • Crime in Scotland is now at its lowest rate for over 30 years.
  • In South Lanarkshire, crime has been reduced by 18% since the SNP replaced Labour in 2007.
  • Across Strathclyde, knife crime has dropped by 26% since the SNP came to power.
  • We have increased the use of stop and search – there were 250,000 in Strathclyde last year alone.
  • Sentences for knife carrying are the longest in a decade.
  • We will extend and enhance CashBack for Communities, which has taken £40 million from criminals and invested it in sport and cultural projects for young people

These are policies and initiatives that work and that tackle the cycle of reoffending that has dogged Scottish justice policy for too long.

This is the best way to secure a continuing reduction in Scotland’s crime rate.

Linda Fabiani
May 2011

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