#AskFabiani – on who will stand up for Scotland


Would Labour not stand up to the Tories better than the SNP? Is that not why the Tories want the SNP to win?


This question is covered in the following earlier posts:

The SNP and Coalitions which deals with why we shouldn’t take too seriously David Cameron’s comments on Scottish politics.  Firstly, he knows little about them.  Secondly, he has a vested interest in weakening the negotiating position of the Scottish Government, which would certainly be achieved by replacing Alex Salmond with Iain Gray.

On Scottish Independence which deals with Labour’s position on Scottish Independence and their lack of vision for Scotland’s potential if it had control of its own affairs.  Without such a vision, the Labour Party goes ‘naked into the negotiating chamber’ when fighting Scotland’s corner.

On the release of Megrahi which contrasts the principled but difficult decision taken by Kenny MacAskill with the partisan and blustering approach of the Labour Leader, who talks about standing up for Scotland, but runs away from a handful of protestors.

It is quite clear who will stand up for Scotland best after May 6th, a re-elected SNP Government, led by Alex Salmond, clearly articulating a vision for Scotland, and demanding control of Scotland’s resources.

Linda Fabiani
April 2011

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