#AskFabiani – on Local Income Tax


Do the SNP intend to continue with their plans for a local income tax?


The SNP believe that we need to sweep away the unfair and regressive Council Tax.

It is ridiculous that we are still using property valuations set in 1991 as the basis for a tax to help fund local services – a decision made to save politicians the discomfort of the regular reviews of property values that are needed for a property-based tax.

If re-elected, The SNP Government will continue the Council Tax Freeze throughout the next parliament, with Scottish Government funding.

The SNP will then bring forward proposals for the 2016 election to move this, by then reduced, tax base over to a system based on ability to pay.

We should be able to introduce a replacement for the Council Tax in tandem with changes to the tax levying powers of the parliament that will flow from what the SNP hope will be an improved Scotland Bill, currently going through the UK Parliament.

Linda Fabiani
April 2011

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