Speaking at Enterprise Resource Committee, John Anderson, SNP Spokesperson, warmly welcomed  the latest report to committee showing the constructive impact of the different elements of the Council’s programmes in assisting with not only the training of local residents in the skills needed for today’s job market but also in the help given to employers enabling them to take on additional workers which creates much needed employment.

John thanked all those involved for the very important work they carry out in the current difficult financial times and referred to the results in the report which show their endeavours in helping people get back into work are proving successful.

SNP Councillor Angela Crawley also speaking at the meeting commented, “The figures indicate that youth unemployment has fallen since early January of this year. This is a positive sign of the work being put in across Scotland and therefore I welcome South Lanarkshire’s range of initiatives aimed at offering more opportunities for young people to get into work.”

The Scottish Government Minister, Angela Constance, is working hard to tackle the issues of high youth unemployment and we welcome the news this week that youth unemployment has experienced its biggest fall in Scotland for 20 years.”

“It is absolutely vital that all young people have access to initiatives to gain work experience and a range of opportunities to gain employment. I note that a substantial part of the Council’s resource is focused on tackling this issue and I am pleased that South Lanarkshire is at the forefront of providing opportunities for all young people.”

John continued, “The recent announcement of further financial support to help with unemployment in these highly challenging times is testament to the commitment of the Scottish Government to help tackle the issues which face many in today’s climate of austerity and cutbacks from Westminster. Hundreds more young people will be supported into jobs following the investment of an additional £6.3 million from the Scottish Government into Community Jobs Scotland. The third sector programme will receive £5.75 million for 2013/14 to support up to 1,000 young people into employment with 10% of the budget ring fenced for those with disabilities and long term illnesses. This is over and above the initial £8.5 million for 2012/13. The eligibility age range of vulnerable young people will be extended up to 24, having previously been 16 to 19. This funding extends Opportunities for All and there is also an increase in Modern Apprenticeships.”

“There will shortly be a launch of a new Employer Recruitment Initiative to aid small and medium businesses that want to take on more young people. I would urge employers in Scotland, big or small, to make young people their business in 2013.”


Note to Editor – the report referred to is Agenda Item 8, Enterprise Services Committee: Routes to Inclusion (19 March).

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