A greener Scotland with the SNP

In 2007 the SNP said Scotland could be greener, with more renewable energy and tough new climate change targets.

During the first four year term of an SNP Government, Scotland has powered ahead and, as a nation, we have risen to the climate challenge.

Over the past four years the SNP have taken some important steps to make Scotland greener:

  • We’ve transformed Scotland into a world leader in green energy with pioneering climate change legislation.
  • Scotland is on track to produce nearly a third of our electricity this year from clean green renewable sources.
  • Our £10 million Saltire prize for marine energy innovation has made Scotland a focal point for research and deployment of marine renewable technology.
  • We’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our rail network by delivering 218 miles of new electrified track across the country.
  • Scotland is clean as well as green – under the SNP, recycling is at its highest level ever.
  • And, we have acted to ensure there will be no new nuclear power stations in Scotland with the SNP.

Over recent months major international and Scottish companies have announced huge investment in research and development and manufacturing facilities, which will bring thousands of new jobs. They recognise Scotland’s wealth of green energy resources.

We have passed the industrialised world’s most ambitious Climate Change legislation and are working hard to deliver a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Indeed, Scotland is now over halfway to reaching that target.

And, as we move forward, we will provide the investment and support Scotland needs to ensure we reach our target of 130,000 jobs in the low-carbon economy by 2020.

Scotland can produce 100% of the electricity that we need from renewables by 2020 and we will also continue to export electricity from a variety of power sources.

We will protect the Climate Challenge Fund, and with our action on green skills we will make sure more Scots are equipped to play their part in our renewables revolution. We will continue to oppose UK plans for new nuclear power stations.

Linda Fabiani said:

“The SNP’s policy of positioning Scotland to play its part in tackling Climate Change, while ensuring we benefit from the new techonologies, is absolutely the right approach.

“Scotland has been handed a second chance to benefit from vital energy resources – this time in the renewables sector.

“Because of our location and the strength of our engineering and technology sectors, Scotland has the potential to lead the way in developing new forms of power generation.

“Labour stopped Scotland benefitting from the first 40 years of revenue from North Sea Oil, allowing the Tories to use Scotland’s resources to prop up the UK Treasury.

“Having let Scotland down over oil, Labour can’t be trusted to protect Scotland’s interests in the renewables revolution.

“Only the SNP has the vision to ensure that the research and development, and the jobs, take place here in Scotland, and are not siphoned away by Westminster.”

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