#AskFabiani – The Questions

During the campaign, I launched an AskFabiani event on my Facebook page.

I said I would pull together the questions coming to me through Facebook and in other ways and post the answers.

I was warned I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for – as predicted, a huge range of questions came in.

Of the questions posted on Facebook, some sparked immediate debate. I have picked up additional questions out of the postings.

The following is a list of the questions and answers.

Much more information about the SNP campaign and policies can be found on the party’s website – here – and our online manifesto – here.


This is the list of questions

  • If there is no clear majority in the parliament after the election, will the SNP enter a coalition with the Tories, as suggested by David Cameron? Answer
  • The car parking charges at the co-operative car park in the village have just increased from 10p for the first 3 hours to 70p for 3 hours, what will the SNP do about this? Answer
  • What will the SNP do to help new graduates find work, especially in relation to teacher numbers, the environment, green jobs and student debt? Answer
  • What will the SNP do to help people affected by Cancer? Answer and Here
  • What is the SNP’s policy on free bus passes for the elderly? Answer
  • What plans does the SNP have to help small businesses – especially those that are not able to get help through the current schemes? Answer
  • Why are you using Facebook to contact people under the voting age, and do the SNP have any plans to change the voting age? Answer
  • Why are so many police resources devoted to policing football matches and not out on the street dealing with real crimes? Answer
  • What is your position on sectarianism? Surely, it is just banter and the police should concentrate on other things? Answer
  • Why are people getting lifted for drinking in the streets when there are more serious crimes to deal with? Answer
  • What is the point in Scotland becoming independent? Answer
  • Why did the SNP not listen to the people when they released the Libyan terrorist , who may not have activated the bomb on Pan-Am, Flight 107, but was certainly involved? Answer
  • Would Labour not stand up to the Tories better than the SNP? Is that not why the Tories want the SNP to win? Answer
  • Is there not a secret guiding hand (Illuminati) behind all the decisions made by governments, banks etc. Answer
  • What is the difference between the campaign being run by the SNP and that of the Labour Party? Are you out on the streets more than them? Are there any other differences? Answer
  • Will you stop Alex Salmond interfering in football? Answer
  • Do the SNP intend to continue with their plans for a local income tax? Answer
  • Would the SNP legalise marijuana? Answer
  • What policies would the SNP do to support scientific research, especially things like stem cell research? Answer
  • Why are cans of mountain dew 99p and cans of Irn Bru 49p? Answer
  • Have the SNP sold out to Brian Souter? Answer
  • Will the SNP bring forward their plans for a referendum on independence? Answer
  • Do you support plans for East Kilbride to get a football team and stadium and are the plans as good as they could be? Answer
  • Was the SNP Group at Westminster unwise to give unreserved backing to the no fly zone action in Libya? Answer
  • How will the SNP distance itself from what looks like turning into NATO invasion of Libya? Answer
  • Why are the Scottish Government wasting £2.3 billion on building a new Forth Road Bridge – should we not just repair the existing and use the money to protect public services? Answer
  • How can we trust the SNP for the next 5 years? Answer
  • Where will the money come from to deliver the promises in the SNP manifesto? Answer
  • What has the SNP done to promote modern Scottish culture? Answer
  • What is the SNP’s attitude to gay marriage? Answer
  • What is your position on the Mosquito ultrasound device? Answer
  • Is the SNP not too soft on crime? Answer

More questions have been received through Facebook, Twitter, and email.  These will be added over the nexxt couple of days and answered before the election.

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